Semi-Automatic Uniform Carton Sealer with Top and Bottom Drive Belts, in combination with automatic height and width adjustment

The operator simply folds the top flaps of the corrugated carton and feeds it into the machine. The STB adjusts itself at the requested height and width of the carton and applies a single tape strip, in 38 / 50 or 75mm on the top and bottom of the carton simultaneously. This two belt top and bottom-drive system is a heavy duty RANDOM machine designed for any kind of working areas. Easy operation, high performances and perfectly closed boxes are granted by using this machine.

The working height of the machine can easily be adapted. SIRTEC machines can start from a working height of 350mm to 850mm (Packaging line height). Extreme bending or lifting belongs to the past. We offer you a state of the art machine, produced and developed according the latest European rules of safety. Our machines will let your employees smile.

The STBR adjusts itself randomly on every requested carton size (Within machine parameters).

Standard delivery
Included with Bottom and Top Tape heads, for 38 / 50 or 75 mm

Excellent for random production of low profile, average, light weight boxes

“Patented” belt change and tensioning system, ensure you a low maintenance cost and a maximum output of boxes per hour.

Minimum and maximum box sizes
Minimum box length from 130mm
Width from 130mm to 650mm
Height from 100 to 800mm

We offer you a standard wide range of boxes, which we can close with our standard models.

Power Supply
Available in 400Volt 3 phase 50-60Hz
Available in 230Volt 1 phase 50-60Hz

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